When BitCoin ultimately fails, ZPs shall rule the Earth.

Not Your Average Points System

"The ZimPoints system is a custom points program developed for the Zimtok5 channel by community member Plenyx. Unlike most point/token systems on Twitch, this one doesn’t reward you for just sitting idle in the channel. You don’t get points per hour, etc.

ZimPoints are a reward system, a token of appreciation; a pat on the back from Zim himself. These can be earned by being helpful, being creative, or sometimes even just by Zim being bad at games. Probably the biggest previous highlight from the system: Simonje, a community member who re-created a screenshot of Zim in Minecraft, which consisted of 40,000 blocks, resulting in being awarded 343 ZimPoints.

As for the uses of ZimPoints, the world is your oyster. You can keep them, hold them close and treasure them like they’re your precious. You could follow a popular trend amongst the community, throwing all your points back at Zim in order to make him spin the Wheel of Misfortune. Lastly, you could share the wealth and award them to other users if you have found them to be nice, friendly or helpful."

- Evisired (Dave)

Pixel Art by Simonje in Minecraft Survival Mode

Pixel art by Simonje

Awarded Zim's Stamp of Approval, Cubed! (7 ZPs)3 = 343 ZimPoints