The Mod Squad

The power of nsfwfish compells you to take a /timeout.

All Things In Moderation

"The Mod Squad, as referred to by Zim, is a small group of members who moderate chat, but that is only the tip of the iceberg for the select few. Members of the mod team are also a part of Zim's Stream Cabinet which helps with the direction of the stream, giving feedback as well as helpful contributions, whether requested or of their own initiative.

Our mods are loyal and dedicated and while 'in charge' of the community to keep them in line, they aren't without their own leashes and are held accountable for their actions. Each of the mods will usually have their own little snippet of information about them which can be seen via Nightbot commands."
(try '!mods' in Twitch chat for a descriptive list)

- Evisired (Dave)

Meet the Mods

Our crack team of troll-dispersal technicians.

Emrayla (Karen)

The Wife - the real reason why we have a stream at all. She makes the rules and does all the hard work while Zim sits there playing games.

Evisired (Dave)

The Internet Wife - lead moderator and top spot on the ZimPoints leaderboard for Gold badges won. Some say he survives only on pizza.

SpacknifelsPT (João)

The Bodyguard - don't let his charming label fool you, just as anyone in The Zeeple does, he loves a good spin of 'The Wheel of Misfortune'.

Wo3dy (Wouter)

The Right Hand - from Duvel-land, Belgium. A jack of all trades and, more importantly, The King. He wields both the guitar and bow with skill.

SniperPanda (Derek)

The Cook - known for his BBQ skills, Panda is an ex-pat living in Scotland like Zim and is currently studying to be a VR game developer.

Myzifer (Luca)

The Italian - a big foodie and directly responsible for Zim's decaying dental hygiene, thanks to one hefty, 4.5kg, GBP £80 Toblerone bar.

ZimTV Mods

Because reruns don't just run themselves.

Minidiamondminer (Adam)

The Changeling - from squeaker to VR enthusiast, he's on a clear trajectory and will soon bankrupt Zim at a virtual poker table near you.

hihi217 (Hisham)

The Bomb DEx - when he's not busy stalking Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth, he is one of the finest, freelance bomb defusal experts out there.

My_9th_twitch_account (Daniel)

The Troll - it takes one to know one. “The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine.” -Abe Lincoln.

Extended Cabinet Members

Make a name for yourself. They did.

Plenyx (David)

The Coder - a Czech programmer and early watcher of the show who took on the task of coding our entire ZimPoints system from scratch.

DarkenedDragon (Damien)

The Nut - if there is a special place in a padded cell atop a mountain, then that's where our favourite joker belongs. He's proof VR has a heart.

MsWallflower_ (Catherine)

The Editor - the only graphic designer with artwork featuring prominently on the walls of Zim's broadcasting studio, and for good reason.