Wheel of Misfortune

Spin the wheel. No matter where it lands, Zim is no longer king of his land.

Mr. Forelorn & Mrs. Vengeful, ... may I introduce to you, 'The Wheel'

"The Wheel of Misfortune was a brilliant concept thought up by Em (Zim's wife). The idea is that if the community decide Brad is having a bit too much fun, or maybe not enough, and they want to liven up the stream, if they donate a cumulative 150 Points to Zim, he has to spin the Wheel.

When spinning the Wheel, there are numerous torture options that Zim could be forced to partake in, ranging from having to crash his truck into a wall at full speed (ATS/ETS2), decimating his profits, to having to don an odd item of clothing... some of you may remember the sexy little number this resulted in previously.

With this excellent reinvention of ‘The Wheel’, there are no losers, only winners. So why not take the wheel for a spin?"

- Evisired (Dave)

Wheel of Misfortune - Examples

Category Description
Driving Zim drives blind for 30 seconds, min speed 50 mph.
Social Word Replacement Therapy: For 15 mins, replace a choice word with another (chat ideas).
General Zim wears something odd for the next hour.
Horror Karen must poke Zim at some point (if she's present, else re-roll).
General Zim drops and gives The Zeeple twenty, old school style! (20 push-up's) Fail = re-roll.

Pandora's box is now open for business

What you see here is the compounded effect of multiple spins. Just dire, isn't it?