The Zeeple

Studies show that 34% more fun people are Zeeple.

Words From Our Community Manager

"The Zeeple is the name given to Zimtok5's viewers. They're the most talented and comedic group you'll meet on the Internet. If you're having a bad day, or if you're just in a down mood, they always seem to lighten up a dark room. Alongside these viewers is a strong army of moderators in chat to help answer any questions you may have about equipment, the stream, or just virtual reality in general.

This stream was built on communication, compassion, and team work. Despite their innocent look, The Zeeple enjoy a nice spin of the Wheel of Misfortune. Though most nights the mood may be calm, look out for the NSFW streams. Sometimes the streams can't go on without a little, 'sauce'. From pink bras, red lipstick, to giant Japanese stripper ladies. The Zeeple is a community of fun and laughs you won't want to miss out on."

- MsWallflower_ (Catherine)

This Is Family

"If you ask me to explain how this stream started, I'll struggle to remember. I've never been one to claim a strong memory bank. That said, who needs one? If you look at the contributions we've had in the form of drawings, artwork, pizza, videos, donations, songs, and words of appreciation, you'll see exactly what I see. You'll see passion. You'll taste community. You just might get inspired to make a friend or two.

Well, now that I think of it, I do remember the beginning. This show started by spreading the good word of Virtual Reality. Look at us, now. We are well off piste. In quite a short time, we've grown into our own close-knit family, here. These are brothers and sisters; borderless siblings, and excited to be in each other's company. Our people. The Zeeple.

Years, not hours. That's what you have given us back. Years. Companionship, prodding, support, torture, even oggling... I welcome it all. There's no mistake in what we've done, here; Em and I. We decided to give ourselves over. We've put our backs into the stream and strained, but we weren't alone. You've been pioneers with us. Together we made history and built this place that has no walls and only open doors. Feck it, before I get teary (again), let's say grace."

Belle responds: "Big hairy balls."
Hymn 7:29, the gospel according to Jack.

- Zimtok5 (Brad)