How to Stream VR by Zimtok5
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Headphone Amps

Improve Your Sound


Best Batteries

Long-Lasting VR Sessions


VR With Kids

Enjoy A Richer Connection


Sim Sickness

'The Golden Rule' Can Help!


Travelling With VR

Airport Security, What To Try


Long Stream Comfort

Keep Up Your Stamina


Exercise in VR

Great VR Games, Get Fitter!


Multi-Streaming Live

Unwritten Rules of Collaboration

Helpful Videos

Coming Soon

ZIM (Brad)
- VR Streaming, ZIM's Simple Startup Guide
- Twitch Broadcasting Tips (incl. link to formal guide)
- YouTube Broadcasting Tips
- Green Screen Setup & Lighting Tips
- Event Recording, Broadcast, & What To Bring!
- Mics (Wired & Wireless) and What I've Learned
- VR Performance Tweaks (Disable VR Homes)
- Driving in VR (Cars, Trucks) & Wheel Setup
- Force Feedback (Buttkicker, SubPac, G27 Wheel)
- Flying a Spaceship (HOTAS incl. Ground Vehicles)
- FPS Shooters (Stocks, ForceTube VR)
- ForceTube Setup (incl. Ragesaq's tutorial)
- MR Setup (LIV for Beat Saber, etc.)
- MR Setup (Minecraft Java Ed. / Vivecraft)
- VR Server Setup (Vivecraft / Minecraft VR)
- VR Server Setup (Assetto Corsa)
- VR Server Setup (Serious Sam 3 BFE)
- Improve Your Sound With a Headphone Amp (DAC)
- Batteries for Long-lasting VR Sessions
- VR with Kids and the Nearly Deceased
- Multi-streaming & The Unwritten Rules of Live Collaboration
- Comfort For Long Streams (8+ hours)
- Sim Sickness: The Golden Rule
- Travelling with Quest/Go
- Exercise in VR

Community Requests:

- Mixing audio with VoiceMeeter
- Multi-PC stream/record setup
- How to engage with your audience when in VR
- How to be awesome
- How to cope with a gap in your greenscreen
- Best wireless audio solutions
- Dealing with Animals, People: Possible titles include "How to Avoid Cat-tastrophes" and "Losing a Christmas Tree Or A Tooth"
- Keeping your Cool When Things Go Wrong
- Timing and Syncing your stream, sources
- Secret VR pr0n review sub-site

About Me

ZIM (Brad)


VR streamer and critic

I started streaming VR on Twitch in July 2014. Now, I'd like to make it easy for others. Our community and I welcome live questions, too.

You can catch our live show 4 times per week (Tue, Thu, Fri, & Sun) after 9pm UK time on YouTube and also ad hoc on Twitch.