How to Stream VR by Zimtok5
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Streaming Tips

Advice & Pre-Stream Checklist


Twitch Broadcasting

#BleedPurple - Do's and Don't


YouTube Events

Configure, Thumb, Tagging, Etc.


Green Screens

First Setup & Lighting Tips



Options and VR Use Cases


Performance Tweaks

How to Disable Bad Defaults


Convention Recording

Pre-Planning & What To Bring!


Driving & Sim Racing

Immersion Tips, Best VR Games

Helpful Videos

Coming Soon

ZIM (Brad)
- VR Streaming, ZIM's Simple Startup Guide
- Twitch Broadcasting Tips (incl. link to formal guide)
- YouTube Broadcasting Tips
- Green Screen Setup & Lighting Tips
- Event Recording, Broadcast, & What To Bring!
- Mics (Wired & Wireless) and What I've Learned
- VR Performance Tweaks (Disable VR Homes)
- Driving in VR (Cars, Trucks) & Wheel Setup
- Force Feedback (Buttkicker, SubPac, G27 Wheel)
- Flying a Spaceship (HOTAS incl. Ground Vehicles)
- FPS Shooters (Stocks, ForceTube VR)
- ForceTube Setup (incl. Ragesaq's tutorial)
- MR Setup (LIV for Beat Saber, etc.)
- MR Setup (Minecraft Java Ed. / Vivecraft)
- VR Server Setup (Vivecraft / Minecraft VR)
- VR Server Setup (Assetto Corsa)
- VR Server Setup (Serious Sam 3 BFE)
- Improve Your Sound With a Headphone Amp (DAC)
- Batteries for Long-lasting VR Sessions
- VR with Kids and the Nearly Deceased
- Multi-streaming & The Unwritten Rules of Live Collaboration
- Comfort For Long Streams (8+ hours)
- Sim Sickness: The Golden Rule
- Travelling with Quest/Go
- Exercise in VR

Community Requests:

- Mixing audio with VoiceMeeter
- Multi-PC stream/record setup
- How to engage with your audience when in VR
- How to be awesome
- How to cope with a gap in your greenscreen
- Best wireless audio solutions
- Dealing with Animals, People: Possible titles include "How to Avoid Cat-tastrophes" and "Losing a Christmas Tree Or A Tooth"
- Keeping your Cool When Things Go Wrong
- Timing and Syncing your stream, sources
- Secret VR pr0n review sub-site

About Me

ZIM (Brad)


VR streamer and critic

I started streaming VR on Twitch in July 2014. Now, I'd like to make it easy for others. Our community and I welcome live questions, too.

You can catch our live show 4 times per week (Tue, Thu, Fri, & Sun) after 9pm UK time on YouTube and also ad hoc on Twitch.