volcano god is hungry


Zimtok5 is a VR streamer who has been showcasing VR games and apps since 2014. He also produces the FReality Podcast.

After establishing himself on Twitch for 5 years, he moved the ZIM VR Live show over to YouTube in 2019.

ZIM's VR game reviews include more than 1,400+ VR titles. There's also his specially curated Skyrim VR Mod List.

If you'd like to learn How to Stream VR from the Quest, try Oculus.com/Casting. Presently, it's the easiest way to achieve this in just a few clicks.

We encourage you to ask questions during the live stream. Type 'm' in front of your chat message for text-to-speech. All the equipment ZIM uses is online at ZIM's Gear List.

Finally, if you want to say thanks and keep the show going, ZIM really appreciates food treats which can be sent during the show via TreatStream. Delivery even works offline.