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Zimtok5 is a VR streamer who has been showcasing VR games and apps since 2014. He also hosts the FReality Podcast.

After establishing himself on Twitch for 5 years, he brought the 'ZIM VR Live' show to YouTube in 2019.

ZIM's VR reviews include over 1,600+ VR titles. For more, visit his Skyrim VR and ZimRacing sites for GT7 and AC.

All the equipment ZIM uses streaming is shared in ZIM's Gear List.

We encourage you to interact during the show. Type 'm' in front of your chat message for text-to-speech. (e.g. "m hi zim") This lets you speak up while ZIM's trapped in VR.

Donations, high concurrent users, and food gifts trigger the infamous Wheel of Misfortune.

Support ZIM directly by sending goodies during the live show via TreatStream.